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The Paul Goodyear Gallery

Paul was a survivor of the battle of Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941. He was at his post on the signal bridge, USS Oklahoma.

The following drawings are for Downloading and coloring. 


“There were some real characters on the Oklahoma.  Some of them like to go into town and have a good time, climb up on the gangway on the way back.  Maybe two or three of the topside sailors would take them down put them in their bunks.”

-Albert Ellis USS Oklahoma

“When I first saw the Oklahoma, I thought it was the biggest ship I had ever seen.  In fact, I had never seen a ship until I got to San Diego.  I saw her and I was kind of proud of her.  I wasn’t versed in naval history, so I didn’t know that she was probable one of the oldest ships in the navy.  I thought she was queen of the sea.”

-George Delong USS Oklahoma